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Tablet2Cases is now hiring a Marketing Specialist with experience in brand development, copywriting, social media marketing, creation/development/execution of marketing campaigns, digital content creation, editing, SEO, and more! This position is 100% remote!

We are an international dynamic company, operating in China and Hungary, delivering better products with better service at a better price worldwide. Our company provides employees and contractors with a unique opportunity to grow and work remotely.

You have a chance to be a part of our fast growing business where we all, as a team, take on full-time challenges, practice self-improvement and personal development, create and produce results in our striving company culture, think outside of the box, nerd out over new state-of-the-art, and are hungry for latest brand new tech accessories.

When applying, send us a resume and a video cover letter to Record yourself speaking in a 3-minute video and upload it to YouTube. Highlight your passions, your skills, and motivations for applying. Tell us how your skills and expertise would contribute to our team. Be specific. Include links to things you've created or your portfolio so we can see your talents in action.


How we would like you to help us

Social media marketing:

  • Use social media channels to distribute and amplify the company’s content
  • Manage and launch campaigns across multiple social and content marketing networks
  • Plan, structure, and launch Facebook/YouTube/Instagram Advertising campaigns

Search engine optimization:

  • Drive traffic to our website from search engines
  • Perform keyword research and marketing research


  • Create and present content that persuades
  • Ensure writing is consistent with the marketing direction
  • Develop and manage a content marketing strategy that supports our goals from the top to the bottom of the marketing including lead generation and customer acquisition and retention
  • Create, edit and manage the production of digital and print content that is consistent with brand, style and tone

Lead Generation:

  • Use digital and/or print content to generate leads and sales
  • Set up and manage newsletter campaigns


Our ideal candidate

  • In-depth knowledge of how to create/manage/execute online marketing campaigns
  • 3+ years of experience in brand development, digital content strategy and tactics including content creation, editing, analytics, social media marketing and search engine optimisation
  • Ability to foresee the need for outsourcing and hiring the right fit for the company
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, team oriented, computer savvy, attention to detail
  • Organized and systematic, able to prioritize and manage a large number of different tasks
  • Self-motivated and proactive, able to set targets and take responsibility for hitting them
  • Proficient in English, and able to proofread content and understand how effective it will be in reaching our target audience
  • Ability to handle tight deadlines, execute fast and work independently
  • At least two years of online product launch experience
  • Passion for personal growth and self-development
  • Growth hacking mindset
  • Creativity and a good eye for design
  • Ability to get the maximum out of social media channels
  • Knowledge of the lean startup methodology



Let's discuss your salary and other conditions!

Think you are a good fit? Email your resume and a link to your video cover letter to and we will get back to you! 


About Tablet2Cases

Tablet2Cases is an international online retailer of tablet cases and accessories, with a front office in Budapest, a branch in Sydney and a warehouse / office in Shenzhen (China). The front office deals with marketing, customer support and product management, while the China back office handles product sourcing, packaging and shipments. Joining our team remotely, you'll have a chance to work as part of a truly international team, explore various areas of our business and gain valuable experience.

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