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We're looking for the right person to take on a crucial role of project manager in our rapidly growing company. Suitable candidates must have experience in overseeing internal project completion across all departments. You will be responsible for project planning (breaking everything down into deliverables), creating (using software), allocating resources (assigning task to staff), tracking (communicating with staff) and reporting project completion across all departments in the company.


Your tasks will include

  • Managing & coordinating projects across various departments
  • Managing and allocating staff’s time to get projects completed in time
  • Budgeting funds to hire extra personnel to get projects completed
  • Managing deadlines and executing projects proactively
  • Leading and mentoring teams to complete projects across all departments
  • Using project management software to map out all projects and keep track of their completion
  • Providing reports on project status
  • Being the gentle and firm helping hand which guides both managing directors as well as their own team towards completing projects
  • Being on the same page with everyone: no matter if they are graphic designers, content managers, directors. Everyone needs clear vision on what needs to be done to complete a project.
  • Understanding, gathering information, and mapping out projects into smaller tasks. Use anything and everything you and your team have to get things rolling
  • Overseeing omni-channel process flows: you will need to be ready to reign and handle multiple threads, process several pieces of information from various sources
  • Initiating discussions with employees, teams, and directors to make sure everyone is on the same track and there are no misunderstandings between various project storylines.
  • Improving work efficiency by finding and developing ideas or tools needed to cultivate effective work environment to get projects completed.
  • Asking questions. A lot of them. All the time. Just keep asking.

Our ideal candidate

  • Strong grasp of Project Management in theory and practice
  • Strong knowledge of Project Management software with lots of experience in using it across all departments of the company
  • Influencer capabilities on an Account Director level: you will not only manage everyone’s time, but also have to be in sync with directors.
  • Extraordinary sense of cultural awareness and emotional intelligence. We are multicultural international company with people from various backgrounds.
  • Affinity to politics: sometimes you push back, many times you take on extra responsibilities, and you make sure everyone is fully satisfied at the end of the day.
  • A good grasp of what it means to be a consultant and a project manager at the same time.
  • A cool head and common sense. Ask questions freely and clearly, but also keep your project and clients on the right track: always have the big picture ahead of you.
  • Familiarity with buzzwords like these: omni-channel approach, leadership, productivity & proactivity, UX, content strategy, marketing automation, and data science



    About Tablet2Cases and more

    Tablet2Cases is an international online retailer of tablet cases and accessories, with a front office in Budapest, a branch in Sydney and a warehouse / office in Shenzhen (China). The front office deals with marketing, customer support and product management, while the China back office handles product sourcing, packaging and shipments. Joining our team in Budapest, you'll have a chance to work as part of a truly international team, explore various areas of our business, travel to abroad and gain valuable business experience.

    We’ve been successfully doubling growth since 2012. As the company is growing fast, the number of tasks and their complexity is also growing. We need help to efficiently manage projects and oversee their completion using project management software. We are looking for someone with plenty of experience in project planning and using project management techniques to manage internal workflow processes.

    Our company is involved into manufacturing and sales of tablet cases and mobile phone accessories. That’s everything from product development, product design, inventory planning, product sourcing / purchasing, shipping / logistics, online store management / product management, marketing, advertising to customer support.

    Our team of 23 people is spread out around the world and consists of 1-2 person departments. Everyone plays a critical role in the functionality of the company and their work overlaps on various levels.

    Your job will be to make sure no task is overlooked and no balls are dropped as we simultaneously have many projects running. You will need to use internal project management software ( to structure all company’s projects. You will need to allocate tasks to various staff to make sure tasks are getting done and there are no bottle necks. You will need to monitor task deadlines and coordinate task carryover between staff. You will also be responsible for reporting progress to everyone at the company.

    We are on track to build a multi-million dollar company in the next 1-2 years. We are looking for someone with ambition who is also ready to do the hard work. There are a lot of foundation blocks in project management that need to be laid internally in order for us to achieve this growth. You will be responsible for helping to build them from scratch.



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