Our Mission Statement:

To provide outstanding customer experience
in finding cases for mobile devices

Let’s be real, businesses that don’t change the way they think, act, and serve are headed for destruction. Customers are too smart for silly nonsense. Business is about relationships. It’s about providing solutions and keeping people happy so they always come back for more.

Mutual relationships are only possible when both sides benefit. It’s an ongoing process, where we work together to reach the best possible outcomes. For us that means providing top service, even when it takes extra work. We strive to be transparent, supportive, and trustworthy, because at the end of the day, we all just want a fair deal, from people we can count on. This goal is reflected both in our mission and the 7 core company values that help us maintain direction.

The 7 Commandments - Our Values

1. Tablet2Cases is a problem solving organization.

Do not let obstacles shape what you do. Adopt a proactive attitude and look for ways to solve day to day tasks. If it’s not working, don’t take the beaten path in the forest. Get creative – just because nobody was able to do it before doesn’t mean that you won’t.  

2. Man in the mirror.

Step one of resolving an issue is identifying your role in it. Start with yourself and see what you can do differently. Figure out what to do better next time. Avoid blaming others. Put the ball in your court and take control over the situation. When everyone involved takes responsibility it will be super easy for us to solve any issue.

3. Foster learning culture & learning process.

Accept the fact that you can never know enough. There is always something you can learn to create a better solution or improve a process. Knowledge is our ultimate wealth. Get rich by learning and use that resource to make your work a better place.

4. Making mistakes is good. Unless you keep repeating them.

Embrace the mistakes that you make as part of the learning process. Learn your lesson and don’t waste your time repeating the same mistake. If it failed the second time, it’s time to revise, improve and do better.

5. Do it like you mean it.

Don’t spend time on mediocrity. Own your work to take charge of your success. Look for a smart solution and be persistent. The best talent won’t give you glory unless you put it to work. Greatness is not born overnight.

6. Communication is a right and an obligation.

Other people depend on you. You also depend on others. Each of us is working on different parts of the big puzzle and we need to work together to build with success. Ask for help if you are not sure how to deal with specific issues that arise; don’t let problems get out of control.

7. The world is fair. All people are inherently honest.

There are no situations that have a predetermined reaction. Remember that it is always your choice how you react to anything that happens around you. Treat all people (customers, colleagues, and business partners) how you like to be treated. Be positive. Your mind shapes your reality – use it to build a happy place.