Cooper Magic Carry II Universal Folio Case for 9-10.1" tablets (with Hand & Shoulder Strap)

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What you win in screen size and performance with tablets you tend to lose in mobility. As soon as you have to carry your tablet from A to B and do anything in between you’ll experience the frustration. You can’t pocket it when it’s not being used. You have to...
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What you win in screen size and performance with tablets you tend to lose in mobility. As soon as you have to carry your tablet from A to B and do anything in between you’ll experience the frustration. You can’t pocket it when it’s not being used. You have to set it down each time you need your hands free and that means forgetting it sometimes… The Magic Carry II is the divine answer to many tablet users prayers: “Give us a way to carry it around!”. Cast it to your side between meetings and enjoy the hands-free convenience of working with it off-site. Its looks don’t disappoint either as the ballistic nylon and beautiful finish make you always ultra-presentable. The hand strap secures the flap neatly out of the way when not in use and makes it unexpectedly easy to hold for lengthier periods whether you’re reading or monitoring stock.

Cooper Magic Carry II PRO Universal Travel Portfolio Case with Hand/Shoulder Strap for 7-8'' & 9-10.1'' tablets

Cooper Magic Carry II PRO Universal Travel Portfolio Case with Hand/Shoulder Strap for 7-8'' & 9-10.1'' tablets

Cooper Magic Carry II PRO Universal Travel Portfolio Case with Hand/Shoulder Strap for 7-8'' & 9-10.1'' tablets

Cooper Magic Carry II PRO Universal Travel Portfolio Case with Hand/Shoulder Strap for 7-8'' & 9-10.1'' tablets


  • Detachable shoulder strap with adjustable length takes a load off carrying your tablet
  • Two position shoulder strap can be used in portrait and landscape mode
  • Elastic hand strap helps make activities like reading, watching or entering data much more comfortable and secures it from drops and fumbles
  • You can strap it to the headrest for viewing on-the-go for some back seat entertainment
  • Comes with Velcro cradle “lock” to stop it from dangling while using the tablet
  • Handy stylus holder and transparent card holder on the outside helps personalize and is great for work ID’s
  • Sophisticated and smooth textured finish for professionalism and convenience (easy to clean and keep beautiful)
  • Stands at 3 angles convenient for every type of activity
    • 9 - 10.1” size:
      • Internal strap system expands from min. 6.3" to max 7.5" inches wide and from min. 8.8" to max 10.5" inches in heightT

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    Model Name Magic Carry 2
    Style Folio, Portfolio
    Tablets 9" Tablets, 10" Tablets
    Brand Cooper Cases
    Function Business, Mens, School, Travel, Womens
    Price Budget $1 - $39
    SKU 9 - 10.1" version: CPR172BLK100
    Dimensions (WDH) 9 - 10.1" version: 10.6 x 1.1 x 7.6 in
    Weight 9 - 10.1" version: 492gr/17.3oz
    Exterior Material Synthetic PU
    Features Interior Hand Strap, Exterior Hand Strap, Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Integrated Stand, Stylus Holder, Universal


    • Universal compatibility
    • Multiple ways to carry and hold your tablet
    • Stylus holder and ID/card slot features
    • Larger padded surface on shoulder strap


          Stretch scratch-proof silicone claws over the tablet. Secure cover out of the way by folding covering flap back and pul velcro strap over the outside and through the plastic ring. Slide hand into strap for easy holding. Leave to dangle and use on-the-go in landscape or portrait by securing strap onto plastic links on the shorter end for portrait view. Stand in any of 3 angles by placing the cradle into grooves cut into the cover.

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          11 Reviews
          Reviewed by luigi f.
          I recommend this product
          Rated 5 out of 5
          Review posted


          Bello e funzionale. Consigliato.

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          Reviewed by phmomof4
          Rated 3 out of 5
          Review posted

          Three Stars

          Great case but no hole for camera and one strap area sort of constricts the power switch.

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          Reviewed by Cleo
          I recommend this product
          Rated 5 out of 5
          Review posted

          Etui de qualite

          A la fois pratique et elegant. La tablette est parfaitement maintenue en place et la structure de letui fait quil est bien protege des chocs eventuels. La bandouliere est un plus. Tres bon rapport qualite prix.

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          Reviewed by Ipelletier
          I recommend this product
          Rated 5 out of 5
          Review posted

          tres pratique et joli, et solide

          tres pratique, mon fils est volontaire a present pour porter sa tablette ! :)

          jolie couleur qui permet de facilement la distinguer parmi celles de ses copains.

          position tele tres stable.

          Non vraiment que du positif !

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          Reviewed by Mr William s.
          I recommend this product
          Rated 4 out of 5
          Review posted

          Four Stars


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