Mangata Orion 3-in-1 Powerbank Set with Wireless Charging Dock (3x 8,000 mAh)

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The Mangata Orion is a 3-in-1 power bank wireless charging station designed for use at home & office. The set includes 3 power banks (8,000 mah each - 24,000 mAh total) with an intelligent charging dock that wirelessly recharges each power bank.

The dock also displays time with indoor temperature. It's great for sharing at home or office!

Power Your Moments with Mangata Orion

Never Run Out of Power Again

Get through your day without fearing that your phone will die. Grab any one of the power banks from the dock as you leave home or office. Forgot to recharge one power bank? Dock it and grab the other.

Power On, Always On

Hate that frantic rush to recharge your power bank? The Mangata Orion has 3 power banks (24,000 mAh), and it's always on. You'll never have to deal with waiting for a power bank to charge. Each power bank recharges wirelessly. Grab one to use. Dock to recharge. No cables to connect or disconnect!

Recharge Any Electronic Device

Power your moment with an 8,000 mAh (3 units included for a total of 24,000 mAh) power bank to fully charge any phone or device. LED lights flash to indicate the battery level. Use to charge smartphones, headphones, gaming consoles & remotes, cameras, tablets, keyboards, mouse, smartwatches, and many more. Compatible with all iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy phones, as well as Android and Windows smartphones.

Clean Table Space

The Mangata Orion keeps your home & office space clean while keeping 3 power banks charged. The dock is powered with a single cable (premium charging cable included). Plug the cable into a USB wall plug (not included). No more cable clutter!

Great Connectivity

Charge your power bank wirelessly using the dock, or a USB Type-C cable (included). Once you have your power bank charged, use the regular USB port to charge your device.

Digital Clock & Temperature Display

The intelligent charging station features a digital display with a 24-hour clock and indoor temperature reading. Switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit, or turn off the digital display at your convenience.

Designed For Home & Office

The Mangata Orion is designed to be shared at home or office. Swap the power banks when out of charge. Power your moments with family, friends, and colleagues.

Box Contents

Box includes 3x power banks 8,000 mAh each (24,000 mAh total), 1 intelligent charging station with digital clock and temperature display, premium extra-long MicroUSB charging cable, user manual, 1-yr warranty.


Each power unit provided is slim, lightweight, and easy to carry. The power bank shell is matt coated for an anti-slip grip, so you can carry 100% portable power supply wherever you go.

With a power surge protector built into the charger, the Orion protects your personal devices against the damage that sudden electrical surges can cause.

Specification of Power Banks

Capacity: 3x 8000mAh (each) / 24,000 mAh total
Cell Type: Lithium-ion
Input: DC 5V 2A
Output: DC 5V 2.1A
Dimension: 13.7cm x 7cm x 1.3m

Specification of Charging Station

Input: DC 5V 3A
Output: DC 5V 1.5A
Dimension: 10.7cm x 8.8cm x 6.9cm

Ideal Power Bank for Apple iPhone

Each power supply unit has an 8000mAh lithium-ion battery (24,000 mAh total) with enough power to recharge any iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone:

iPhone 12

  • 1.8x iPhone 12 / 12 Pro
  • 1.4x iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • 2.3x iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 11

  • 1.6x iPhone 11
  • 1.7x iPhone 11 Pro
  • 1.3x iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone Xs/X, Xr

  • 1.6x iPhone Xs Max
  • 1.7x iPhone Xr
  • 1.9x iPhone Xs
  • 1.9x iPhone X
iPhone 8/7/6

  • 1.9x iPhone 8 Plus
  • 2.8x iPhone 8
  • 1.7x iPhone 7 Plus
  • 2.6x iPhone 7
  • 1.8x iPhone 6S Plus
  • 2.9x iPhone 6S
iPad & Apple Watch

  • 0.6x iPad
  • 16x Apple Watch
Samsung Phones

  • 1.3x Samsung S20
  • 1.1x Samsung S11
  • 1.5x Samsung S10
  • 1.2x Samsung S10+
  • 1.6x Samsung S10e
  • 1.4x Samsung S9 Plus
  • 1.7x Samsung S9
  • 1.4x Samsung S8 Plus
  • 1.7x Samsung S8

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