Reboon Booncover Universal Folio Case /w Velcro Pads for 6-11'' Tablets

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As wonderfully versatile bundles of tech-joy tablets are, their enjoyment factor can go way down when trying to set them on anything beyond a table or countertop. There never seems to be a good enough angle to catch up on your favourite show while cooking dinner for the family, (or...
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As wonderfully versatile bundles of tech-joy tablets are, their enjoyment factor can go way down when trying to set them on anything beyond a table or countertop. There never seems to be a good enough angle to catch up on your favourite show while cooking dinner for the family, (or taking an after-work rewarding bath for that matter), try using it to navigate in the car without a mount if you don’t believe us. Thankfully Reboon is the antidote with its high tech vacuum technology (or “boon”) it lets you slap the your tablet onto just about any smooth surface and enjoy it at the any angle convenient for you.


    • Slim, lightweight and elegant design
    • Stick to a multitude of surfaces with the 2 reusable sticky/Velcro “boons” included 
      • Leaves no trace of adhesives when removed
      • Holds best on smooth, high-energy surfaces (e.g. glass, tiles, doors, dashboards etc.)
    • Beautiful folio case cover with multiple viewing angles both landscape and portrait
    • Free access to all ports and ports (with flap for easy access to rear camera as well)
    • Protects from bumps and scratches
    • Auto-sleep/wake function through magnetic flap cover that can be secured when folded over for easy carrying when in stand mode –Only for iPads for now.
    • Size Guide
      • S3 size: Perfect for e-book readers 6" to 7.05" in height and 4" to 5.12" in width.
      • S2 size: Perfect for tablets 7" to 7.95" in height and 4" to 4.76" in width.
      • S size: Perfect for tablets 7" to 7.99" in height and 4.5" to 5.43" in width.
      • M2 size: Perfect for tablets 7.7" to 8.74" in height and 4.5" to 5.31" in width.
      • M size: Perfect for tablets 8.5" to 9.65" in height and 6" to 7.01" in width.
      • L size: Perfect for tablets 8.5" to 9.80" in height and 6.5" to 7.52" in width.
      • L2 size: Perfect for tablets 9.5" to 10.55" in height and 6.2" to 7.2" in width.


    Model Name Booncover
    Tablet All iPads and Galaxy Tabs and any 6-10" Tablets
    Style Folio
    Brand Reboon
    Size 6" Tablet, 7" Tablet, 8" Tablet, 9" Tablet, 10" Tablet, 11" Tablet
    Function Business, Mens, Travel, School, Womens
    Price Great Value $40-$79
    Dimensions (WDH) S3 size: 7.05 x 0.45 x5.12 in (179x 11.5 x 130 mm)
    S2 size: 7.95 x 0.41 x 4.76 in (202 x 10.5 x 121 mm)
    S size: 7.99 x 0.33 x 5.43 in (203 x8.5 x 138 mm)
    M2 size: 8.74 x 0.35 x 5.31 in (222 x 9 x 135 mm)
    M size: 9.65 x 0.33 x 7.01 in (245 x 8.5 x 178 mm)
    L size: 9.80 x 0.43 x 7.52 in (249 x 11 x 191 mm)
    L2 size: 10.55 x 0.45 x 7.20 in (268 x 11.5 x 183 mm)
    Weight S3 size: 120gr/4.23oz
    S2 size: 130gr/4.58oz
    S size: 140gr/4.93oz
    M2 size: 190gr/6.7oz
    M size: 200gr/7.05oz
    L size: 210gr/7.4oz
    L2 size: 220gr/7.76oz
    SKU S2 size: REB001BGE070, REB001BLK070, REB001BWN070, REB001PNK070
    S size: REB001BGE079, REB001BLK079, REB001BWN079, REB001PNK079
    M2 size: REB001BGE080, REB001BLK080, REB001BWN080, REB001PNK080
    M size: REB001BGE100, REB001BLK100, REB001BWN100, REB001PNK100
    L size: REB001BGE097, REB001BLK097, REB001BWN097, REB001PNK097
    L2 size: REB001BGE110, REB001BLK110, REB001BWN110, REB001PNK110
    S size: REB003BGE050, REB003BLK050, REB003BWN050, REB003PNK050
    M size: REB003BGE070, REB003BLK070, REB003BWN070, REB003PNK070
    L size: REB003BGE100, REB003BLK100, REB003BWN100, REB003PNK100
    Exterior Material Polyurethane
    Inner Material Microfiber
    Lock Magnetic Lock
    Accessories 1x Booncover, 2x Boons
    Features Universal fit, Integrated Stand, Sleep/Wake, Wall Mount, Car Mount


            • 2 adhesive “boons” which allow you to stick your tablet case to almost any surface
            • Elegant lightweight design and magnetic flap for auto-wake/sleep.
            • Stands at angle when on the wall or on the table


            Stick an adhesive “boon” onto the spot you plan to be viewing/using your tablet or smartphone and let the Velcro side face out. Once you’ve inserted the tablet or phone into the case, stick the Velcro together and let go. Your device is there to stay


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            Reboon cover

            Disappointed. It does not stick to the mirror very long.

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