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Gumdrop Case Hides Away the iPad Air 2 Inside a Rugged Case


Gumdrop Cases have made their extremely popular rugged tablet case available in the iPad Air 2 size. The Hideaway Case provides the same durable protection millions of other buyers have learned to love and trust. Besides high level of impact and drop protection the case delivers a secure grip thanks to a rubber design pattern and a very convenient integrated stand, which disappears in the body of the case, when not needed. The viewing angles provided by the stand are secured by magnetic snaps. The case also sports built-in screen protector shielding the tablet’s screen from scratches.
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Incipio Dresses Up the iPad Air 2 in Tuxen Folio Case


Incipio didn’t leave the iPad Air 2 launch without their attention and presented Tuxen – their take on how the folio tablet case for the newest device should look like. The accessory provides decent impact protection while remaining one of the slimmest and lightest cases on the market. Plextonium polycarbonate shell shields the back and sides of the devices from damage while providing immediate access to its ports and buttons. Faux-leather cover and microsuede lining take good care of the tablet’s screen and also support the integrated stand function with a variety of viewing angles. Built-in magnets activate the auto sleep/wake functionality.
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The iPad Air 2 Survives All-Terrain Challenge Inside Griffin Case


Griffin were quick to react to the launch of Apple’s new tablets, and have presented Survivor All-Terrain – an upgraded version of their extremely popular rugged tablet case. The accessory delivers the already renowned super-durability, withstanding impacts, bumps and even drops from 2 meter heights. The case seals the device’s ports keeping them safe from rain, sand, and dust, but providing immediate access when needed. The silicon material is also good at absorbing vibration and offering a tight grip on the tablet. The case comes with a built-in screen protector and an integrated stand with several viewing angles. iPad Air 2 fingerprint scanner can be accessed at any time.
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X-Doria Makes the iPad Air 2 Style Even Smarter With a New Folio Case


Catching up with other major market players, the guys at X-Doria have presented the iPad Air 2 version of their popular SmartStyle folio tablet case. Perfect fit, durable protection, and extensive functionality – are the main attractive points of the new case. The tablet is protected from all sides, but its ports and buttons are open to free access at all times. The integrated stand functionality delivers several highly convenient and stable angles thanks to built-in grooves. The case also supports the auto sleep/wake functionality.
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New Apple Tablets Take Over the Outback Inside WaterField Sleeves


WaterField welcomes Apple’s latest tablets with a brand new case – Outback Slip Case, designed in both iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 sizes. The brand new tablet sleeve is crafted from waxed canvas with soft padded lining ensuring great impact protection and shielding the tablet from water splashes as well. There’s a small leather strap with built-in button lock to keep the case securely fastened when not in use. The case comes in two different sizes for each tablet: to fit them with or without the Smart Cover attached.
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iPad Air 2 Receives its Very Own QODE Ultimate Pro From Belkin


Once the iPad Air 2 has officially seen the light of day, many self-respecting tablet case manufacturers have started to jump on the bandwagon of the new cases. Belkin were among the first ones with their innovative keyboard tablet case – QODE Ultimate Pro. One of the best things about the new case is its multi-piece construction – allowing users to enjoy it fully or by taking out the tablet shell part for one-handed use. Besides versatility and multi-functionality, the case delivers a completely revamped typing experience. It offers the same number of keys a laptop does, improved keycap shape and key pitch, plus they keys are backlit with three levels of brightness.
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Tuff-Luv Embrace Pro Apple iPad Mini w/ Secret Garden Pattern

Fantastic quality. Looks amazing! I absolutely love it! It is exactly as pictured. Great features: auto-sleep when case closed, kick-stands for both portrait and landscape work great and stay closed with magnets ...

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Pelican 1065CC HardBack Apple iPad / 9” Tablet Rugged Case

I really like this case! I was looking for a travel case that gave full protection to my Kindle and this case is it. I am surprised, though, that it didn't come up in the searches on Amazon for Kindle travel cases. ...