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The iPad Air Goes Oriental With the Hardcover from Cathy K Designs


Love oriental designs? Check out the Hardcover from Cathy K Designs. The folio tablet case not only sports oriental-inspired looks, but also serves as a wonderful impact shield thanks to its durable exterior and padded interior. The tablet is secured via four corner mounts ensuring it won’t slip out accidentally. The case is available in a number of sizes to fit any generation of Apple tablet devices. There’s an integrated stand function delivering a number of viewing positions.
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Top 5 Battery Cases for the iPad Air


The iPad Air is the current pinnacle of tablet device perfection, until the new one comes out of course. It’s a powerful machine both productivity-wise and gaming-wise, but all power-consuming devices require lots of juice. While the iPad Air is renowned for its battery longevity, sometimes it’s just not enough. Naturally owner can go searching for an outlet, but what about the times and places where it’s just impossible? This is where the battery tablet cases come in handy. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 battery cases for the iPad Air.
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The iPad Mini Becomes a Lounge Lizard Thanks to The Case Factory


The Lizard-effect from The Case Factory is an unusually styled folio tablet case designed to fit the iPad Mini. The case is crafted from genuine leather, which underwent special treatment to offer lizard skin looks. The leather covers a hard shell, while there’s also a layer of flocked interior lining, such combination delivers great impact protection on top of peculiar looks. The cover folds up to transform into an integrated stand with several viewing angles.
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Simple Fraction Goes Hell-bent for Leather to Keep the iPad Air Safe


Simple Fraction appeals to the iPad Air owners’ aesthetic feelings with their new Leather Case. The folio tablet case is as simple as can be without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Genuine leather not only offers stunning looks, but also protects the tablet from everyday bumps and bruises. A small tab on the inside helps the case to transform into an integrated stand with a convenient viewing angle. Classic tab and button lock keep the case securely fastened when the device is not used.
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The iPad Mini Puts On a Tuxedo From Case-Mate


Case-Mate’s Tuxedo is a high-class folio tablet case designed to fit and protect the iPad Mini. The ultra-slim body of the case comes with soft, but textured material enhancing not only impact protection, but grippability as well. The case doubles up as an integrated stand offering various viewing angles. The adhesive, which keeps the case latched onto the tablet is both strong and reusable, ensuring the case can be removed and reattached many times over.
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Think Tank Houses Tablets and Beyond in a New Messenger Bag


The App House 10 from Think Tank is a versatile tablet messenger bag compatible with virtually any 10-inch tablet device. The case is both ultra-slim and lightweight, but manages to offer decent impact protection for the tablet inside. The best feature of the case is its mobility: it can be used with a shoulder strap, or mounted to a belt if the owner so desires. There’s a dedicated tablet pocket, and a bunch of other compartments to fit just about any accessory. The best one is the 4-way stretch pocket with immediate access and lots of slots. The main compartment is closed up by a secure zipper lock.
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"Great Case Great Price"

Editor: 4.1

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Cooper Titan Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Rugged & Tough Case

I read the other reviews that stated that this was a great case and the only drawback was that it was difficult to install. This is not accurate. I installed with no issues in under 1 min. I made this purchase to ...

"Good functions and free stylus"

Editor: 4.4

40% OFF

USD $49.95

USD $29.95

Cooper Postpad Apple iPad 2/3/4 Portfolio

Professional design and great materials: this case got it all. Additionally there’s a free stylus included in the package, not that I use it often, but it’s still nice to have free things. The stand function ...

"As safe as it gets"

Editor: 4.8

8% OFF

USD $129.95

USD $119.95

Pelican ProGear CE2180 Vault Series Apple iPad Air Rugged Case

The case is every bit as sophisticated as it looks on the pictures. However, it’s one of the safest, if not THE safest, tablet rugged cases I’ve seen around. Despite all-round protection the charging port and ...