Cooper Infinite Executive Universal Keyboard Folio Case for 7-8'', 9-10.1'' & 10.1-12'' Tablets

The Infinite Executive is the equivalent of life support on a Business week that feels more like being stuck in the ICU than in an office building. With chaos closing in on all sides, simple tools that get things done are your biggest assets. You could be having a layover...

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Cooper Touchpad Executive Bluetooth Keyboard Folio for 7-8'' / 8-8.9'' / 9.7-10.5'' Tablets

Tablets are great, unless you actually need to get some work done, when you soon discover that typing on a touchpad is a bit like eating with chopsticks - it can be done, but there's an art to it. The Cooper Touchpad takes the frustration out of drafting text and...

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Cooper Backlight Executive Universal Bluetooth Keyboard Folio for 7-8 & 9-10.1 inch Tablets

The latest tech-weapon of the mobile executive is a refined, reliable and dashing black PU leather case and keyboard combo. Digital nomads and compulsive overachievers will delight in the magnetically detachable, backlit keyboard for those long and often dim evening commutes. Type away typo free thanks to its traditional key...

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Cooper NoteKee F8S Clamshell Backlight Keyboard Case for Apple iPad Air 1/2 & iPad Pro 9.7

As delightful and handy as iPads can be, they often aren’t the most efficient tools for creating content. For those who had one eye on a Macbook while making their purchase decision the Notekee is an awesome compromise. It essentially upgrades your iPad to Macbook as soon as you place...

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Cooper Kai Skel Keyboard Clamshell with built-in Power Bank for Apple iPad 2/3/4

What if we told you, you could essentially transform your iPad into a bona fide Macbook Pro? Well, the Clamshell will do just that, it's about as close as you can get to upgrading your iPad to a laptop these days. With a built-in battery pack it gives you an...


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Cooper GoKey Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Kickstand for Tablets

How many times have you begun to take care of something on the tablet and realized very soon that it’ll be too tedious to finish? You wouldn’t be the first person who decided to save that half-email in drafts or regretted getting into a chat conversation with your sister discussing...


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Cooper Aurora Wireless Bluetooth LED Keyboard for Tablets & Mobile Devices

Few tech devices stand out with their beauty and in the keyboard category they are a downright endangered species. Aurora is truly a rare gem in an age of tacky electronics. The polished exterior and aluminum metal finish on the undercarriage give it an air of elegance and durability. This...


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Cooper Woodpad Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablets & Smartphones

Naturally, the bamboo made Woodpad places a full QWERTY keyboard at your fingertips and can also display your tablet or phone devices hands-free through embedded stand feature. Plus you can connect and operate several devices at once and enjoy easy toggle function between Android, iOS and Windows operating systems with just...


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Cooper Magic Wand Universal Bluetooth Keyboard & Remote Controller

As far as universal controllers go the Magic Wand is one of a few that truly puts technology at your mercy. Don’t let its size fool you, this all-purpose sabre packs a serious amount of functionality into a very small space. The super useful touchpad/keyboard combo syncs via Bluetooth allowing...


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Cooper Optimus Universal Tablet Collapsible Bluetooth Keyboard

The Optimus is a very user-friendly and helpful little transformer for those who like to do more when on the move. Featuring a well-built foldable keyboard, Bluetooth connection and keyboard with traditional tactile feedback this wonderboard will help you conquer your day. Draft a report on your smartphone or comfortably...


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Cooper CEO Keyboard Folio for Apple iPad Pro 12.9/Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The Cooper CEO case is the executive choice for doing battle in the boardroom. Responding to the demands of the C-suite can be arduous and you’ll often don’t have time to set up a computer to take an important call. The comfort and integrity of the stand accompanied with the...

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Cooper Buddy Bluetooth Keyboard Dock Shell for all Apple iPads & Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Samsung and Apple owners will be delighted to find a worthy companion for their tablets. Buddy is the Galaxy Tab’s and iPad's new best friend. It features a snugly fitting keyboard dock that clips and closes together to become a secure shell case making it ultra-portable and safe while in...

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