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Lifedge Waterproof Apple iPad 1/2/3/4 Rugged Case

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  • Apple iPad 1
  • Apple iPad 2
  • Apple iPad 3
  • Apple iPad 4

IP67 Waterproof Rating

Summary Info

Could this be the one and only case that you’ll ever use with the iPad or iPad 2? Perhaps, because the process of assembling the two-piece design is so difficult that you may never want to remove the tablet once it has already been fitted. The only problem being, the by Lifedge waterproof case will need to be opened at some point in order to recharge your device.


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  • Designed to fit any generation Apple iPad
  • 100% waterproof & shockproof design
  • Anti-glare screen shield
  • Tuchscreen, Wi-Fi and camera functionality only
  • "Easy to take on and off" - compact enough to leave on permanently
  • Exceptional sound transmission
  • Built-in hand strap
  • Included assembly struts double as tablet stand pegs
  • Floats for up to one hour
  • Compatible with mounts (sold separately)

Model Name Waterproof
Tablet Apple iPad 1,   Apple iPad 2,   Apple iPad 3,   Apple iPad 4 ,  ... View all
Style Rugged & Tough,   Waterproof
Brand Lifedge
Function Outdoor
Price Luxury $150+
Exterior Material Plastic,   Rubber
Button Cutouts
Port Cutouts
Hand Strap
Stand Feature

Editor's Rating Score: 4.3 - Awesome

Quick Overview

Captain’s log (Reviewer’s notes) June 21, 2012

2:00pm - The first mate (UPS guy) delivered a package to my cabin (office), it’s the new iPad case from Lifedge - Wow, that was fast! This brand was launched by Scanstrut just last month.

2:05pm - I finished reading the instruction pamphlet on how to assemble the two-piece design - this looks like it may take more time than I had anticipated.

2:09pm - The packaging film has been peeled off the anti-glare screen cover, and the front camera optical patch has been attached. I haven’t even touched my device yet, shouldn’t it already be fitted and ready to go by now?

2:15pm - My iPad 2 was snapped into the rear-shell minutes ago, that part was very easy, but ever since I have been trying to attach the cover piece, and the shoehorn-like ‘Strut’ tool isn’t helping much.

2:20pm - Still struggling. Would it have been easier to fit my boat (iPad) inside a bottle? I need to take a break before my head explodes.

2:30pm - Just returned from the top deck (balcony). I breathed in some fresh air and regained my composure.

2:33pm - I am getting close! Really, this is like trying to squeeze a whale into a wetsuit.

2:35pm - Finally! My device is ready to go, and I have access to the on/off switch, home button, volume rocker, and front camera, but both the audio-jack and speaker are covered - then what’s the point of being able to control the volume here? Even more disappointing, there is no opening or plug for the dock connector. I really don’t have the patience to constantly open/close this case my tablet needs to be recharged?

June 22, 2012 10:00am - Spent the remainder of yesterday testing this new toy. I definitely needed a relaxing bath after the fitting process, and even brought this with me to watch a movie. The sound was clear and my tablet was safe the whole way through. I accidentally dropped it when stepping out of the tub, but again, no harm done to my iPad. I recharged my tablet overnight, and this morning it only took a couple minutes to reseal the case. Like a stiff leather design, it seems this rugged and tough case may get better with age.


  • 2012 Golden Case Awards nominee for Best Rugged Case
  • Durable watertight design
  • ntegrated hand strap
  • Tablet stand feature


  • Extremely difficult to assemble the first time
  • No opening for audio-jack and dock connector
  • Expensive

Overall Rating

#61 in 315 Apple iPad 3

#2 in 27 Waterproof




Having to reopen/reseal for recharging the iPad is certainly a huge disadvantage here, but the rubber can loosen-up and make the process a little easier each time you do it. Really, why not a simple plug for the dock-connector and audio-jack? The strut instruments used for case assembly double as stand supports for browsing, typing and viewing modes, and the hand strap on the back is also a nice extra feature. There is a polycarbonate anti-reflective lens for the rear-facing camera, and the package includes an optical patch for the user to apply and ensure the front camera functions as normal through the coated anti-glare cover.


You’d think that an extremely difficult fitting process would at least result in a design for extreme protection. And this rugged and tough case performs great in this category! The tablet will remain completely watertight for up to 30 minutes in a depth of up to 1 meter, as well as dustproof, and shock/impact proof. The screen cover incorporates an OptiGuard anti-glare coating, which is resistant to oils, sunscreen lotion, and most chemicals. The case even floats.


The construction here is clean and tight (the assembly will probably suggest that it’s a little too tight). In the end, you can certainly trust this design too prove long-lasting.


Maybe you don’t have to struggle with the assembly after all, because you might struggle to come up with the cash to buy this. If your temper and wallet don’t run on a short leash, then what you get here is durable design with great protective features for versatile indoor/outdoor use.


Overall: Great

The case does require a lot of patience to assemble. But once beyond the fight of fitting the iPad, the user has a rugged and tough case that will fight for the tablet so it can endure a (battery) lifetime of abuse. Turned off by the high cost of the Andres Industries tablet cases? The Lifedge waterproof case could be considered the next best alternative, and even comes with a few extra functional features to boot.