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Woodford Design FridgePad Universal iPad Magnetic Mount

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  • Apple iPad 1
  • Apple iPad 2
  • Apple iPad 3
  • Apple iPad 4

The only tool free iPad mounting system

Summary Info

Woodford Design now offers some interesting food for thought - The FridgePad. This mount is designed to work with any iPad, and securely attach it onto the refrigerator (or any magnetic surface) so the tablet user can do many things like: use a recipe app, watch a cooking video and more. Also, the FridgePad merges with other Woodford Design accessories that help make extra use of your tablet outside the kitchen.


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  • iPad 1, iPad 2 & iPad 3 compatible
  • The only tool free iPad mounting system
  • Apple Smart Cover compatible
  • Fast and easy iPad clip in and removal
  • Full access to all ports and buttons
  • Ultra strong magnet to eliminate movement
  • Works in both portrait and landscape mode
  • Can be easily removed and repositioned
  • Does not mark or damage your fridge or iPad

Model Name FridgePad
Tablet Apple iPad 1,   Apple iPad 2,   Apple iPad 3,   Apple iPad 4 ,  ... View all
Style Wall Mount
Brand Woodford Design
Price Great Value $40-$79
Exterior Material Plastic
Closure Clip
Button Cutouts
Port Cutouts
Speaker Grill
Smart Cover Compatible

Editor's Rating Score: 3.9 - Awesome

Quick Overview

The FridgePad is a simple recipe consisting of a rubberized plastic frame with a large magnet on the back. For the iPad 2 and New iPad 3 owner, this mount is ready for immediate consumption straight from the box, and to fit the original iPad 1, the package includes an extra set of corner clip-on tabs and screws for user assembly. Once the tablet is snapped into the frame, the user has clear access to all iPad controls and features, except the rear-facing camera, which really doesn‘t seem necessary here anyway. The magnet is ultra-strong, which keeps the tablet securely fastened to the refrigerator surface, or any metal façade for that matter. The FridgePad can be easily removed and repositioned for swift transfer between landscape and portrait formats. Need an appropriate angle to type? The frame design is Apple smart cover compatible, so the user can quickly remove and prop the iPad on the kitchen counter or dining table. The FridgePad is slim enough to fit inside an 11” or 12” tablet sleeve, so for extended use with the MotoMount and/or WallMount, the device can travel more safely from the home, to the car, boat, RV camper, or office.


  • Access to most-important iPad controls/features
  • Landscape and portrait displays
  • Smart cover compatible
  • Includes micro-fiber cleaning cloth


  • No display angle adjustment
  • Limited usability without other Woodford Design accessories

Overall Rating

#192 in 313 Apple iPad 4

#7 in 10 Wall Mount




Functionality: Good
The FridgePad can be mounted in either landscape and portrait format, but no adjustment for screen display angle is a bit of a drawback. Open access to the USB port or dock-connector does allow for charging during use, and on/off switch, home button, audio-jack, front camera and volume rocker remain fully accessible as well.


Not designed for protection, so this category is neither evaluated nor factored into the final scoring.


Quality: Amazing
Unlike the items in the refrigerator, the FridgePad has no expiration date. The design is made simple with all components solidly formed and pieced together for long-lasting use.


Value: Good
On its own, the FridgePad isn’t the greatest value at just under $60. But we do think this is an attractive buy when looking at the big picture of combining it with the other Woodford Design mounts, which all-together is about the same amount one person spends for a week’s worth of groceries, maybe even less.


Overall: Good

The average person spends 1-3 years of their life in the kitchen, so surely this accessory should be considered quite useful. But the FridgePad is more than just a cool way to blend any iPad into the warmest room of the house, it’s a quality ingredient for allowing the tablet to give other environments some added flavor - check out the MotoMount and WallMount.