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WowWee ArtSee Studio Apple iPad 2/3/4 Interactive Play Case


  • Apple iPad 2
  • Apple iPad 3
  • Apple iPad 4

Summary Info

For young iPad users who have moved beyond simpler play cases (such as those in the Totoya Creatures line, for example) the ArtSee Studio from WowWee is an excellent step up. Already a big, colorful, sturdy play case, the ArtSee Studio provides endless hours of good, creative fun thanks to a free downloadable app and nice drawing tools. The sole caveat: Some patience is required on the part of both parents and children at first – With so many options for backgrounds, colors, and even animations, realizing the full potential of the ArtSee play case may take a little time.


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  • Fits any generation Apple iPad
  • For kids of all ages
  • Fun interactive design works with free downloadable App
  • Hard plastic protective case
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Flush-mount kickstand supports the display at 10° angle
  • Included stylus crayon and 5 interactive stamp tools
  • Over 72 stamps and stamp variations
  • Stamped images can be animated and play fun sound effects
  • 15 rollers for enhancing your artwork
  • 3 built-in theme packs
  • 60 challenging activities in 5 unique games
  • 18 coloring pages
  • Home button covered to prevent navigation away from the interactive App
  • Port for rear-camera access
  • Finished artwork can be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter
  • Net weight: 755g / 26.5 oz

Tablet Apple iPad 2,   Apple iPad 3,   Apple iPad 4
Style Play
Brand WowWee
Function Kids
Price Budget $1 - $39
Dimensions 14.0 X 1.5 X 10.0 in (WDH)
Weight 0.00
Exterior Material Plastic
Stand Feature

Editor's Rating Score: 4.8 - Awesome

Quick Overview

With another play case landing in the Tablet2Cases office, it was time once again to employ a T2C product tester for reviewing purposes. My daughter Suzie (age 7½) helped put the ArtSee Studio Interactive kids play case through the paces with our (OK, *her*) Apple iPad.

The playful blue and green makeup of the ArtSee Studio was immediately attractive to the young burgeoning artist, and the carrying handlehad her ready to claim it as her own. Parentally speaking, the hard plastic makeup of the case is reassuringly built to withstand serious drops and other accidents. But it was the promise of ArtSee’s illustration and animation software that piqued our curiosity.

And Wow-Wee, does the downloadable app deliver! (Once you get it downloaded, that is.) In our experience, with high-speed WiFi connection and out of the Apple app store, nearly 10 minutes were required to get this thing downloaded and installed. Suzie was damn near climbing the walls waiting…

Once the ArtSee Studio app is running, though, the possibilities are literally endless: Backgrounds and themes are included, or photo images may be used (the case nicely includes a cutout for the back camera). Each of the five stamp-like tools performs a different function when creating a picture, including animating the drawing and adding sound. A stylus shaped like a crayon for typical drawing functions is also provided, but within seconds Suzie did what was natural and simply used her fingers on the touchscreen for this purpose.

Tablet2Cases can report that Suzie enjoyed the ArtSee Studio well enough, though was a bit disappointed by the complexity of using the tools: These aren’t always intuitive (even to this parent!) and take some time to learn.



  • Operation of software a bit complex
  • App downloads, installs *slowly*

Overall Rating

#4 in 312 Apple iPad 4

#1 in 24 Play




Thanks to the amazing app that provides incredible interactive drawing software, the ArtSee Studio Kids Play Case essentially makes the iPad into a completely new device. For young iPad users, this is definitely a great creative alternative to say, Angry Birds or Scooby Doo videos. (Though for those purposes, the ArtSee Studio includes a decent embedded kickstand.) Important to note is that other apps can still be used while the tablet is encased.


The solid hard plastic makeup of the ArtSee Studio reassures parents that the iPad will be protected from the sorts of punishment that kids can dole out. Unfortunately, use of the app prevents the design from including any screen protection.


WowWee brings brand-name quality to this kids play case; one can easily imagine finding this on mall store shelves. Simple molded plastic isn’t the most exciting material – but young iPad users with chock-full toy boxes will find it well familiar.


Typically in this spot, we’d mention something about the average price of kids play cases, but never mind that. Forget tablet cases at all: To seek a kids’ product – let’s face it, a toy – that allows this much creativity and fun for $39.99 would cost hours at the local shops. The ArtSee Studio is a true bargain!


Overall: Amazing

For parents of iPad-loving children, the ArtSee Studio is a potential godsend. With the investment of a little time to help the kids get accustomed to the software that makes this play case so exciting, all that creative energy can be put to good use for some time to come. (And let’s hope for an upgrade to the app!)