Leather tablet cases are primarily about prestige and style, but quite a few may offer function, protection, durability and choice above the average.

The leather tablet case essentially spans the entire range of styles, as seen in tablet bags, tablet sleeves, folio cases, keyboard cases and portfolios, to name a few. The flexibility of leather may be shaped for duo-fold, tri-fold and multi-fold designs which employ a stand feature for laptop-type work and hands-free tablet display. In terms of protection, most leather cases have some sort of more inflexible material within the jacket itself so that the tough-but-soft exterior leather gets a bit more support and thus does the tablet.

The sole disadvantage in leather tablet cases is the potential for damage done to the case itself which, like any leather product, may be susceptible to nicks, cracking and scratches. However, many manufacturers of leather tablet cases now take everyday use of the case into account and treat the exterior so that it's a bit more resistant to outside elements.

This category is featured in our annual Tablet2Cases Golden Case Awards. Check out past winners and nominees for Best Leather Case in 2012 and 2013.


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