Keyboard cases add to the functionality of the device by providing the standard QWERTY keyboard embedded right into the carrier, allowing the user to easily convert the tablet into a laptop, as the built-in keyboard makes up for the tablet touchscreen’s poor typing quality.

    iKeyboard is a new breakthrough iPad accessory and namesake brand based in West Hartford Connecticut. iKeyboard cases debuted in early 2012, not only as a solution to enhance typing skills on the iPad, but as an ultra-slim, lightweight design to end all Bluetooth keyboard case debates.

    While scientists may be located somewhere in the Swiss-Alps working to reinvent the DNA-structure of mice (rodents), Logitech, also based in Switzerland, has already reinvented mice (computer peripherals) numerous times over. Since 1981, this company has been driven to design personal computer peripherals in order to help promote a better experience with the digital world.
  • IKEY

    iKey is an American manufacturer of rugged peripherals for computers and mobile devices founded back in 1989. The company is best known among tablet owners for the StreetCase – industry’s first tablet case, which turns a tablet PC into a rugged laptop. The manufacturer produces a wide range of products for medical, industrial, mobile, and military industries. iKey cases are designed not only to...

    Brydge was created out of the desire to develop a better tablet keyboard case for the iPad. The brand name could represent their San Francisco area base, or the fact that debut Brydge cases bridge the gap between form and function. In all likelihood, the name was probably inspired by a bit of both. Brydge was launched through Kickstarter, and successfully achieved their $90,000...
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