Help Your Student Make the Grade with These Homework Helpers

Tablet apps for students doing homework

Doing homework is not a fun task, especially for teens. However with the creation of mobile apps, doing homework is now easier than ever. Students can stay organized, study for exams and learn more efficiently, all from their tablet or smartphone. Help your child live up to their full potential with the following homework apps.



myHomework tablet app


myHomework is a cross platform student planner that helps kids stay organized. Students can add homework assignments, tests, lessons and school projects. Then, when an assignment is due, myHomework will send them a reminder. Students can also enter in their class schedules. If one of their teaches uses students can join the class and automatically sync their assignments. myHomework is compatible with both iOS and Android.





Cram tablet app


Students who need a little extra help studying for tests need Cram. Cram is a flashcard platform that works both offline and online. Students can create flashcards or access more than 75 million already made flashcards. It comes in two modes, card and memorize. Memorize mode hides the flashcards a student knows, so they have extra time to learn the ones they don’t. Students can view all their flashcards in card mode and review them for as much time as they need. Cram is compatible with both iOS and Android.





Photomath tablet app


Photomath uses the camera on a smartphone or tablet to help students learn math. After taking a picture of the math problem, Photomath analyzes it. It then gives the student the answer and step-by-step instructions on how to solve the problem. The app features a math keyboard and calculator, replacing the need for a scientific calculator. Photomath is compatible with both iOS and Android.




Help your student make the grade by incorporating these three homework apps into their school day. If you do your student will be a more organized and efficient test taker.

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