Surfs Up! Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Device Safe in the Sand

How to keep your tablet safe on the beach

Summer is upon us! With that comes vacations, weekend getaways and day long trips to the beach. While the beach is a great way to spend free time, it brings with it many risks, especially for your smartphone and tablet. While it is safest when kept at home, we understand that isn’t a practical choice for all beach-goers. So check out our list of tips and tricks to keep your device safe during your summer beach days.


Invest in a Waterproof Case

Waterproof tablet cases on the beach

While this may seem obvious to some, it isn’t to others. Waterproof cases are a bit of an investment but will guarantee that your phone or tablet is safe from harm. Many people purchase protective cases they think are waterproof but actually are not. Think your phone case is waterproof? Do some research and see if you’re right. If not look into upgrading your case or buying a waterproof sleeve to house your phone while near the water. Tablet2Cases has Waterproof Cases including a sleeve that costs only $3.95. 



Keep Your Device Out of the Sun

Anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad knows that these devices do not like the heat. They will shut down if the device’s temperature goes over 95 degrees F (35 degrees C). Although it may not cause permanent damage after one day at the beach, it can cause damage over time. Whenever possible keep your device in the shade or cover it with a towel to keep it out of direct sunlight. This will ensure it never gets hot enough to overheat.



Find a Creative Hiding Spot

Find creative hiding spot for mobile phone and tablet

If your biggest concern is theft, find a creative hiding spot. The best hiding spots are usually the most obvious and include things like a baby wipe box or sunscreen bottle. Save a uses box of baby wipes and pack it in your beach bag. Use that to store your keys, wallet and smartphone. A thief is more likely to steal something they can find quickly, and likely won’t check in boxes or bottles for your device.



You want to have fun at the beach and worrying about the safety of your device should be your last concern. Use these easy to follow tips and ensure your phone or tablet is always safe from the sand and surf. 

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