3 Exciting New Ways to Use Your Tablet

3 alternative ways to use your tablet

Tablets are great ways to connect with our friends on social media, stream videos and browse the web. What most people don’t realize however is that they can do so much more. In the technological age we live in tablets are essentially miniature computers that can automate shopping lists, control a TV and create high quality videos. So why not unlock your tablet’s full potential with three amazing things you didn’t know your tablet could do.


Create a Work of Art

Draw a work of art on tablet

The creation of art apps have made tablets the new canvases and cases the new easels. There are thousands of apps on the market that allow users to paint, draw, graphic design and animate while on the go. These comprehensive apps feature tools that mimic the strokes of  brushes, pencils and charcoal to create art that looks like it was created in an art studio. Use an Apple Pencil or stylus with your tablet for more creative freedom. When you’re done upload it to a printing service and print it on a canvas to hang in your home.




Accept Payments

Accept payments on tablets

Tablets have given small businesses and private contractors the ability to service a new group of clients through the use of payment apps. Square offers a card reader that accepts cards with a simple swipe. Others can be used by entering card information manually into a form. These apps can also send out receipts and keep track of payments.




Tour Famous Museums

Tour famous museums online on tablet

Sadly we can’t all afford the trip to Paris to see the Mona Lisa. But, with advances in technology, we can bring the Mona Lisa to us! Through the use of intuitive apps anyone can tour the world’s most popular museums. The Louvre offers an audio virtual tour that takes users through the museum, pausing to discuss some of its most famous works of art. The Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate in England also offer multimedia tours that can be played on a tablet.




From seeing priceless works of art, to expanding your client base, there is no limit to what your tablet can do. Do you use your tablet for something unusual or interesting? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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