$3900 Ways to Say 'Later, Alligator' with Domenico Vacca Designer iPad Case

  • Domenico Vacca iPad designer case
  • Domenico Vacca iPad alligator case

Domenico Vacca had a exotic handmade tablet case made from top-quality alligator skin for iPad . It’s crafted in Italy and comes in 25 different shades. This is one of the most expensive protections money can buy for your iPad, yet even at $3,900/piece the first lot of these cases was sold out in minutes.

The first batch, containing twenty hand-made tablet cases, was sold out immediately after the case went on sale. The tablet designer cases are available in a variety of 25 different colors, so if you can’t find the right one for your iPad on stock, you can make a custom order.

If you got a spare couple of grand – do not worry, more luxury tablet cases are being produced right now. Here’s what the designer had to say: "We have received many requests for an exotic skin case for iPads."

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