iPad Now Has an Ace Up its Sleeve with Sleeve360 Case

  • Sleeve 360 case for iPad

The Sleeve360 case for iPad offers a unique way, in which the pad can be attached to user’s hand. With the help of 360º free spinning hand strap , the case can be firmly attached to your hand. The non-slip shell of the case ensures that the iPad stays firmly inside the case.

Once attached to your hand, you can freely rotate the case in any direction by 360º. The hand strap is not only extremely comfortable, but is also fully adjustable to fit any hand size. The hand strap can be easily detached and used to extend keyboard flaps.

The cover also features a kickstand that allows you to use the case as a viewing stand in both portrait and landscape mode. The Sleeve360 case includes a travel case, where it can be stored securely to protect itself from dust and damage.

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