Become Origami Master with Orikata Case for iPad 2

  • Acme Made Orikata case
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  • Acme Made Orikata Ipad2 Case
  • Acme Made Orikata case for iPad review

The latest creation from Acme Made is the Orikata case for iPad 2 . Its innovative features make this case a true revolutionary product. One-of-a-kind folding elements can be easily folded and hidden in rear compartments in no time. The folding process reminds that of ancient Japanese art of Origami.

The elements of the folding tablet case , folded safely into the rear of the cover, create a stable and highly ergonomic base to offer users both cinema and typing angles. The Orikata tablet stand case fits the iPad 2 perfectly, preventing the pad from slipping out. All ports and buttons can be freely accessed with the case on the device.

The Orikata case is crafted from highly durable and trendy Nubuck Polyurethane, providing increased levels of protection from bumps and drops. Thanks to the combination of attractive looks and high functionality, the Orikata case is arguable one the most suitable protections for the iPad 2.

The asking price for the Orikata case is $50.

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