iPad 2 Found its Best Friend in Macally SmartMate Case

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  • Macally SmartMate Case for iPad 2

The Macally SmartMate is a tablet hard case for iPad 2 , which is designed to work perfectly with Apple’s Smart Cover . The new case differs from all similar tablet protectors on the market by securing the Smart Cover in place, preventing it from detaching from the pad. The new case utilized highly durable materials to protect the back of the pad from scratches and bumps.

Apple’s Smart Cover is a perfect companion for the device, which allows the user to switch the pad on and off simply by closing or opening the cover. The SmartMate case builds upon that technology by providing the Smart Cover with something to hold on to.

All ports and buttons can be accessed freely with the case on the pad. Soft, rubberized materials of the case provide extra protection for the iPad 2. The new case comes in black, clear or white colors.

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