Hatch and Co Puts iPad 2 on a Diet With Skinny Keyboard Case

  • Hatch and Co Skinny iPad 2 Keyboard Case
  • Hatch and Co Skinny iPad 2 Keyboard Case review
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  • Hatch and Co Skinny Keyboard Case iPad 2

Hatch and Co introduced Skinny – the world’s thinnest tablet keyboard case for Apple iPad 2 . The new tablet book case is extremely light and slim, yet amazingly functional. It couples great impact protection with perfect productivity. The case is made of faux leather and comes in white or black colors.

The cover of the case functions similarly to the Apple’s Smart Cover , waking up and putting the iPad 2 to sleep. The new keyboard case can be easily transformed into a tablet stand case offering the perfect typing angle.

The keyboard uses ultra-thin touch technology for its keys, which also makes it spill-proof, dust-proof and highly durable. The keyboard pairs with the iPad 2 wirelessly and has a battery to last 68 hours of continuous use and 45 days of standby time. The new case also features several iPad 2 shortcut keys.

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