Maroo Goes Bumper to Bumper With iPad 2 Thanks to Aranga II Case

  • Maroo Aranga II for iPad 2
  • Maroo Aranga II for iPad 2 review
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  • Pad 2 Maroo Aranga II
  • Pad 2 Maroo Aranga II review

Maroo Aranga II may look like a smashing book tablet case , yet in fact it’s also a great tablet stand case as well. The nylon exterior material of the case guarantees that unwanted water drops and dirt will not reach your precious iPad 2 . The leather binding and back side of the case add to both protection and the looks of the case.

The Aranga II comes with a revolutionary SG Bumper technology, which is essentially a highly secure chassis designed for device corner protection. The highly durable chassis will not only secure the pad inside the case, but will hug it in a way each corner is protected even from any impact or drop.

Thanks to built-in magnets, the cover of the new case shuts down the iPad 2 and wakes it up, just like Apple’s Smart Cover . All ports and buttons of the case are freely accessed with the new case on the pad.

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