Artwizz Guards the iPad 2 With Stylish Leather Sleeve

  • Artwizz Leather Sleeve for iPad 2
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  • iPad 2 Artwizz Leather Sleeve

Artwizz Leather Sleeve is a highly stylish and elegant tablet sleeve for Apple iPad 2 . Made from premium genuine leather the case will guard the device from impacts, dirt and scratches. The minimalist design of this ultra-slim case combines style with outstanding durability and functionality.

The interior of the new case is lined with extra-soft black fabric ensuring no scratches will befall the precious piece of technology. The case comes with a high-quality zippered closure, ensuring the tablet is secured inside and won’t leave the sleeve voluntarily.

The Leather Sleeve also features an integrated protective lip protecting the iPad 2 from bumping against the zipper. The new sleeve is perfectly compatible with the Apple’s Smart Cover providing enough space for both the device and the wonder cover. The case comes in dark blue, light brown, red and cream colors.

The case can be yours for $40.

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