Proporta Brings the iPad 2 Out of Quiksilver Hard Back Shell Cover

  • Proporta Quiksilver Hard Back Shell Cover for Apple iPad 2

Proporta launched Quiksilver Hard Back Shell Cover for Apple iPad 2 – a great tablet protector with a lifetime warranty. The new case offers the Apple iPad 2 perfect protection against impacts, hard bumps and bruises, while keeping its back completely scratch free.

All ports and buttons can be accessed freely with Quiksilver Hard Back Shell Cover applied to the iPad 2. The case proudly wears the branded Quicksilver classic logo adding to sophistication of the design.

The matte soft finish of the case is both great to look at and touch offering secure grip as a bonus. The tablet protector comes in black color in contrast to silvery finish of the tablet’s back. The new case is the perfect solution for iPad 2 owners looking for a lightweight, yet durable protection for their precious devices.

The case can be yours for £ 24.95.

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