Defend the iPad Honor With the Duralumin Case From Factron

  • Factron HighDefender for iPad
  • Factron HighDefender for iPad screenshot
  • HighDefender for iPad from Factron

The HighDefender for iPad by Factron is a one-of-a-kind rugged tablet case made from Duralumin. The case is extremely durable and will safeguard the tablet from any impacts and drops. As if Duralumin material wasn’t strong enough, Factron included an extra shock-absorbing layer inside this tablet hard case.

For all those Apple iPad owners still in doubt, there’s a choice to order the new Apple iPad case made from Super Extra Duralumin. Despite being extremely durable, the new case weighs only around 290g, which is around the same that an average leather tablet case weighs.

All ports and buttons of the device are open to free access with the case on the pad. The company stressed that only original Apple earphones can fit the connector section due to structural reasons. In case you intend to use any other headphones, a conversion cable may be needed.

The case can be yours for $723.

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