Flex the iPad Muscle With Vogel’s RingO Mount

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The RingO Flex Mount by Vogel's is a unique wall mount tablet case . Designed primarily for the Apple iPad, the new case can also accommodate the Apple iPad 2 or any other similar tablet. The new case is essentially a fully adjustable and flexible arm, which mounts on the wall and secures the tablet creating an illusion of the device floating in the air.

The new Apple iPad case builds on years of Vogel’s experience with various display brackets for electronic products. The case delivers one-of-a-kind flexibility: it can be mounted virtually anywhere and can be adjusted to reach any imaginable angle to ensure the perfect hands-free tablet experience.

The RingO doesn’t stop at functionality. The new Apple iPad 2 case is also extremely stylish. Its metallic construction and modern design provide tablet owners with classy flexibility whenever and wherever they need it.

The price for this item is €69.99.

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