Uniea Rebelution StreetArt Turns the New iPad into a Graffiti Artist

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  • Rebelution StreetArt from Uniea screenshot

Uniea launched Rebelution StreetArt โ€“ a unique back protector for the new iPad. The new case is carefully crafted out of thin, yet extremely durable polycarbonate material and will guard the tablet from everyday abuse including bumps and impacts as well as from damaging scratches to the back.

The Apple "New iPad" 3 case features unique graffiti style graphics and is a great way to change the dull looks of the device into something eye-catching and colorful. The IMD-printed graphics are prone to heavy scratches and fading, a special UV coating will prolong the lifespan of the new case. The back protector is fully compatible with the Apple Smart Cover .

The back protector is designed specifically for the new Apple tablet and offers a perfect fit. It will snap onto the back of the device and remain in place at all times, keeping it secured. All ports and buttons of the tablet are open to free access with the new case on the pad. The case is available in five different patterns.

The case can be yours for $34.95.

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