Top 5 Tablet Book Cases

Top 5 Tablet Book Cases

Tablet book cases offer users a nice classic style for their devices with the modern-day need for convenience also in mind. With a book case, the tablet may be simply stored on a bookshelf or in a book bag.

Based on our tablet case reviews, Tablet2Cases has compiled the list running below on the “Top 5 Tablet Book Cases.” Read on to find out about handmade, custom and leather tablet cases – plus one particularly nice model for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

1. DODOcase iPad 2 Classic Book Case - Buy Now for $59.95

Among tablet book case reviews online, few products receive such acclaim as the Classic from Dodocase. One reviewer went so far as to describe the Dodocase tablet case as “the Rolls-Royce of tablet cases and who are we to disagree? Handmade in San Francisco, created from all natural material, and even including a stand, this tablet case provides functionality along with its unmatched distinction.

DODOcase iPad 2 Classic Book Case

2. GermanMade G.2 iPad 2 Book Case - Buy Now for $156

The GermanMade lives up to the high reputation of German engineering with a super-handy organizer compartment for storage underneath the Apple iPad case. What’s more, ordering online allows the user to choose a custom case design with a nice range of colors, materials and optional monogramming available. All this and the G.2 iPad 2 Book Case arrives within seven days? A great choice among tablet book cases.

GermanMade G.2 iPad Book Case

3. Wardmaster iPad 2 X-Fit Leather Book Stand Case - Buy Now for $59

The X-Fit tablet book case from Wardmaster is noted for its high functionality, solid protection and stylish look. Video-first users will enjoy the embedded stand which firmly holds the tablet with durable Velcro fasteners. The exterior combines leather and a patented synthetic fabric for low weight and decent resistance to damage. The Wardmaster tablet case is further protected by microfiber cloth and velveteen lining. This one has style and strength.

Wardmaster iPad 2 X-Fit Leather Book Stand Case

4. Incase iPad 2 Book Jacket Select - Buy Now for $54.95

More than a fashionable leather tablet case, the Book Jacket Select from Incase provides the user with a nice tablet stand as well. This quite useful stand allows for three viewing and one working angle, advantageous to those who often type on the tablet. Also of note are the cutouts for all iPad 2 ports and plug-ins on the Incase tablet case: Some tablet book cases, including the DODOcase, do not provide such full access.

Incase iPad 2 Book Jacket

5. Portenzo Kindle Fire Case - Buy Now for $59.95

Portenzo offers the best of two worlds in its Kindle Fire Case. Like the DODOcase, this tablet book case is handmade in America. Like the GermanMade G2, the Portenzo Kindle Fire Case may be customized with nine types of material and nine interior colors. Plus, the Amazon Kindle Fire case has reasonably good protection against everyday impact and a price under $60. Simply put: Amazon Kindle Fire users, this is your tablet book case.

Portenzo Kindle Fire Case

For further details about our top 5 tablet book cases, reviews of these and other like cases or general information, be sure to check out the Tablet2Cases ">book case wiki page.
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