Top 5 Rugged Cases

Top 5 Rugged Cases

For the user expecting to expose a tablet PC to extreme conditions, frequent travel and/or generally active environments, a rugged tablet case is a must. Based on our research and tablet case reviews, Tablet2Cases has compiled the following list of the Top 5 Rugged Tablet Cases for your consideration.

Read on for a few great examples of rugged cases certain to protect the tablet from nearly everything life (and you) throw at it.

1. Gumdrop iPad 2 Drop Tech Series Case – Buy Now for $59.95

Would you believe four layers of shock-absorbing protection? That’s what Gumdrop Cases tablet cases provides users with for protecting Apple iPad 2 tablets and New iPads against the most extreme environments. Plus, the all-important screen is defended against the elements and accidents with a replaceable yet integrated screen protector . At suggested retail of around $60, this Gumdrop Cases rugged case is actually priceless.

Gumdrop Cases iPad 2 Drop Tech Series Case

2. Wardmaster 10” Tablet Sleeve in Engraved Pattern – Buy Now for $42.95

Among tablet sleeves , few if any offer the dependable defense of the rugged case from Wardmaster. This one is noted for its lightweight, seamless design and distinctive engraved pattern – not to mention the deceptive amount of punishment the Wardmaster tablet case can take. The entire sleeve, including zipper , is water resistant and the abrasion-proof lining protects the tablet’s screen well. A nice combination of reasonable price and great protection.

Wardmaster Tablet Sleeve

3. Griffin Survivor Case for iPad 2 and New iPad - Buy Now for $88.95

Here’s a high-level product endorsement for you: In March 2012, the U.S. Department of Defense itself approved the Survivor Case from Griffin for its field operatives using Apple iPads. This means the Griffin tablet case has been tested in extremes of rain, wind, sandstorms and mechanical vibration – and passed. If you’re subjecting your iPad to more than these conditions, perhaps you shouldn’t be carrying it at all...

Griffin Survivor

4. Trident Kraken II iPad 2 case - Buy Now for $34.25

Impact-resistant polycarbonate is the main material used in the Kraken II rugged case from Trident Case, providing Apple iPad tablets with top-notch defense against drops. Supporting the exterior is a shock-absorbing silicon inner sleeve and a scratch-resistant tablet screen protector. Also of note are the super strong clamps that seal the entire tablet case and dust filters protecting the speaker.

Trident Kraken II

5. Ballistic iPad 2 Jacket Series Case - Buy Now for $34.99

At just around $32 suggested retail price, the Ballistic iPad 2 Jacket tablet case is a good deal for the budget-conscious. Tough polymers and plastics make up the exterior and frame in this rugged case, while an interior silicone layer acts as a shock absorber against impacts. Also included is a decent tablet stand which offers several viewing angles.

Ballistic iPad 2 Jacket

For a bit more information on any model within Tablet2Cases’ top 5 rugged cases and/or to read other reviews of similar products, please see the Rugged & Tough Cases wiki page.
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