Warm and Soft iPad 2 Protection From the Rabito Wamy Sleeve

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Rabito presented Wamy โ€“ a simple and stylish tablet sleeve compatible with the original Apple iPad and the iPad 2. Crafted out of high quality wool felt material the new case will keep the tablet safe from minor bumps and bruises on the outside, and protect against annoying scratches and smudges on the inside.

The minimalist design of the new Apple iPad case will attract tablet owners looking for a hassle-free, yet stylish protection for their devices. Precise attention to every little detail ensures the case is manufactured to answer to even the most demanding quality standards. The Rabito logo can be chosen in either red or grey color.

The new Apple iPad 2 case features a subtle Velcro closure on the inside, which ensures the sleeve stays close when not in use and the tablet remains safely tucked away without the possibility to slip out. At the same time the device can be easily accessed within seconds, whenever and wherever you need it.

The price for this item is $26.

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