Enjoy Pure iPad Sound With the Foco From UDS

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Foco from UDS is a unique speaker amplifier designed to work with all Apple tablets including iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad. The project is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, and has already gained the necessary support thanks to the innovative idea behind it and simple execution.

The main purpose of the Foco is to direct the sound coming from the tablet’s speaker directly at the user, to allow better gaming, music, audiobook, movie, and other multimedia experience. The simple and clean design of the Foco allows it to become an integral part of the iPad without ruining its perfect design lines.

The new speaker amplifier is compatible with almost every Apple iPad case on the market starting from the Apple Smart Cover to sophisticated portfolio tablet cases . If the case has a speaker cut-out: rest assured the Foco can be attached to it and direct the sound right at you.

Pledges of $6 or more will get you the Foco.

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