Lioncase Takes the New iPad from New York to Hong Kong

  • Lioncase NYHK Shield
  • Lioncase NYHK Shield screenshot

The NYHK Shield (4.5/5 Editor's rating) from Lioncase is a folio tablet case compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The new case is basically a combination of two ultra-slim components: the 0.9mm back protector and 3.5mm front cover. Despite the lightweight and slim design, the case will protect the tablet from bumps and bruises.

The soft interior lining of the new iPad case takes care of unwanted scratches and smudges. Both back shell and inner lining feature New York Hong Kong engraving, which the name of the case actually stands for. All ports and buttons of the device are open to unrestricted access with the case on the pad.

The cover of the Apple iPad 2 case folds in several ways to transform into a highly convenient tablet stand with multiple viewing angles. Magnets , built into the cover, interact with the device turning it on and off upon closing or opening the cover. The case is available in Black and White, Hot Pink, and Grey.

This and other Lioncase tablet cases are available for purchase directly from Buy the HYNK Shield now for $54.95.

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