The New Sleeve From Poketo Dots the “i” in the New iPad

  • Poketo Three Dots iPad Case
  • Poketo Three Dots iPad Case screenshot
  • Three Dots iPad Case from Poketo
  • Three Dots iPad Case from Poketo
  • Three Dots iPad Case from Poketo screenshot

Poketo presented Three Dots iPad Case – a hassle free tablet sleeve which can fit all Apple tablets including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad regardless if the Smart Cover is attached or not. The new case is made of durable 100% polyurethane , ensuring the device is kept safe from minor impacts and bruises.

The minimalist design of the Apple iPad case is complemented by a simple, yet unique closing solution - three silver buttons. The small posts right under the flap of the Apple iPad 2 case fit directly into the eyelets allowing easy opening and closing. The simple solution keeps the case closed when needed and the tablet within at all times.

The new iPad case comes in four attractive colors including red, yellow, black, and grey. The exterior material not only safeguards the device from bumps and bruises, but thanks to its nature will repel accidental water splashes and dust.

The price for this item is $48.

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