New Era in iPad Charging Has Begun With Strut LaunchPort

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LaunchPort from Strut is a unique back protector designed to complement the company’s revolutionary inductive charging pedestal. The case latches onto the pedestal and allows unrestricted access to all tablet’s functions while the device is being charged wirelessly without the need for any cables.

The back protector itself comes in various material options ranging from luxury walnut burl to carbon fiber . Each and every case is handmade to ensure the best possible quality. The multi-step finishing process including hand-polishing creates a beautiful case that is bound to endure everyday abuse.

The ultra-powerful neodymium magnets secure the case to the pedestal without any possibility to slip down. The pedestal can also be rotated, pivoted, and tilted to reach the desired tablet stand angle. Strut offers five standard finish options and seven custom, made-to-order ones for the case and three options for the pedestal.

Cases are offered at $250 each, while the pedestal costs $1,000.

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