Mujjo Goes Natural With the Brown iPad Sleeve for the New iPad

  • Mujjo iPad Sleeve Brown
  • Mujjo iPad Sleeve Brown screenshot
  • iPad Sleeve Brown from Mujjo
  • iPad Sleeve Brown from Mujjo review
  • iPad Sleeve Brown from Mujjo screenshot

iPad Sleeve Brown from Mujjo is a classic tablet sleeve from the Originals collection by the brand. The new case is compatible with all Apple tablets including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad with or without the Smart Cover attached to it. Handmade from high quality wool felt the case provides natural protection against bumps and bruises.

The Apple iPad case features a leather strap functioning as a secure closure mechanism. The snap and all rivets are lined to ensure the tablet isn’t scratched inside the case. The Apple iPad 2 case also features a compact storage pocket, which can fit important documents, cables, earpieces or a smartphone.

The wool felt of the new iPad case has been specially treated to repel water. The leather strap has been hand-dyed with environmentally friendly materials ensuring minimal damage to our planet. The case will certainly appeal to those iPad owners who love all things natural and care about the environment.

The price for this item is $65.

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