Cygnett Tablet Cases Shed Light on the Apple iPad Mini

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Fresh rumors suggest Cygnett is already producing Apple iPad mini cases, confirming the approaching release date of the much anticipated small Apple tablet. The video, available for everyone to examine, depicts two folio tablet cases designed to fit the yet unannounced tablet.

The cases, revealed in the video look pretty legitimate, however, some accessory makers are known to produce products ahead of official release dates, in order to gain competitive advantage over rivals. This could very well be an example of that strategy, or Cygnett has some insider information from Cuperetino.

The case has a 20cm long, 13cm wide, and 1cm deep body construction. The diagonal measurement is 23cm or 9 inches, which corresponds to the widely anticipated 7.85 inch size of the iPad mini. Apple is scheduled to reveal the device before the month of October is through.

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