3rd Level of Luxury for the New iPad in the New Hard Graft Tilt Case

  • Hard Graft Tilt iPad Case 3.0
  • Hard Graft Tilt iPad Case 3.0 screenshot
  • Tilt iPad Case 3.0 from Hard Graft
  • Tilt iPad Case 3.0 from Hard Graft review
  • Tilt iPad Case 3.0 from Hard Graft screenshot

Hard Graft introduced the third version of its premium folio tablet case โ€“ Tilt iPad Case 3.0. The case is compatible with both the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. Just as the predecessor, the new case is made from the combination of the finest Italian leather and premium German wool felt .

The most striking design difference from the previous model is the inclusion of leather on the front cover. When it comes to technological updates the new iPad case received built-in magnets to wake the tablet and put it back to sleep. All ports and buttons of the device are still open to access with the case on the pad.

The leather on the front cover provides the Apple iPad 2 case with enough rigidness to transform into a great tablet stand offering several viewing angles. Users can enjoy a comfy typing angle, a web surfing position, and a perfect multimedia viewing angle. But the best thing about the case is still its premium materials and the luxurious feeling they ooze.

The price for this item is $164.

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