Tunewear Sends the New iPad to the Security Lockers

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The Security Locker from Tunewear is a secure back protector with great anti-theft protection system. The case is compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. Made of clear polycarbonate, the case protects the tablet from impacts and scuffs, while its security lock and wire eliminate the possibility of theft.

The Tunewear Security Locker was designed specifically for show-rooms and stores. The installation of the Apple iPad 2 case is pretty simple: the tablet is secured inside the frame via provided screws, and then the wire with a lock is attached. The wire can also be attached to the two corners of the case for an alternative form of security.

The package of the new iPad case includes a comfy shoulder strap, a folding tablet stand , a small screwdriver, 2 sets of screws, a screen protector , a squeegee to attach it, and a cleaning cloth to always keep the tablet in pristine condition. The shoulder strap can be hung around the neck to transform the tablet into a sketchpad.

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