Mujjo Hides the iPad Mini in All Wool And No Shoddy Sleeve

  • Mujjo iPad Mini Sleeve
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  • iPad Mini Sleeve from Mujjo
  • iPad Mini Sleeve from Mujjo review
  • iPad Mini Sleeve from Mujjo screenshot

iPad Mini Sleeve from Mujjo is a high-quality tablet sleeve designed for the Apple iPad Mini. Crafted from the combination of premium wool felt and top-notch leather , the case delivers ultimate style and durable protection from everyday impacts, bumps, and scratches.

The Apple iPad Mini case is handmade with careful attention to every little detail to ensure the best possible quality. The snug fit and the leather strap closure ensure the tablet remains safe inside the case when unused. The case is big enough to fit the tablet with the Smart Cover attached to it.

All snaps and rivets on the Mujjo iPad Mini Sleeve are lined to ensure no accidental scratches will damage the tablet. The case features a storage compartment for smaller accessories or important documents. A special treatment makes offers the case anti-peeling properties and repels water drops.

The case can be yours for $58.

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