Coregeek Covers the New iPad in Duct Tape With the DTMJ Case

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Coregeek presented DTMJ – a unique folio tablet case compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The DTMJ stands for the Duct Tape Magnetic Jacket, and indeed the case is made utilizing lots of duct tape with a lightweight and thin plywood core underneath. This combination provides durable impact protection for the tablet without adding unnecessary bulk.

The new iPad case uses extra-strong neodymium magnets to keep the device attached to the case. The interior side of the Coregeek DTMJ is lined with soft wool felt , which keeps the smudges and scratches away from the tablet. All ports and buttons of the device are open to unrestricted access.

The cover of the Apple iPad 2 case also features magnets, which enable the sleep/wake function. A small tab closure with magnetic clasp will keep the case securely shut when not in use. The DTMJ also doubles up as a convenient tablet stand offering several viewing angles. Each case is handmade to ensure perfect quality.