Burberry Check Mates the iPad 4 With the Smoked iPad Case

  • Burberry Smoked Check iPad Case
  • Burberry Smoked Check iPad Case review

Fashionistas often like to purchase tablet accessories matching their larger bags and portfolios. Knowing that, Burberry has launched the Smoked Check iPad Case – a simple tablet sleeve featuring the same renowned design pattern found on their luggage collection. The case is compatible with all Apple tablets.

The iPad 4 case is crafted from 100% PVC, which means the tablet gets decent protection from impacts and scuffs inside the sleeve. The iPad 3 case also features soft leather trims on all sides, which not only provide additional durability, but also highlight the beautiful and world-renowned design pattern of the case.

The Burberry Smoked Check iPad Case comes with a thin layer of padding on the inside, which provides scratch protection, and adds to the overall durability. The top opening of the iPad 2 case can be secured with a fold-over tab featuring a button lock, which prevents the contents from falling out accidentally. The case is available in three color combinations.