Upcycle Goods Put Used Treadmill Belts to Good Use protecting iPads

  • Upcycle Goods Rubber Tread

The green movement has been getting momentum for quite some time now, but what can ordinary people do to protect the environment, on top of separating their trash? One of the answers is support Upcycle Goods in their Kickstarter quest to make Rubber Tread โ€“ a cool tablet sleeve made of discarded rubber treadmill belt.

The case will accommodate any Apple tablet model, as well as any other similarly sized device. The exterior of the iPad 4 case is made from a highly durable rubber treadmill belt material, while the interior is lined with recycled felt. This combination not only delivers the highest standard of durability and safety inside out, but also provides the iPad 3 case with highly attractive, modern looks.

One of the best things about the Upcycle Goods Rubber Tread is the fact that each and every iPad 2 case is hand-stitched by local craftsman in Seattle, ensuring the best possible quality. We, at Tablet2Cases liked the idea so much, that we immediately pledged funds to support the designer with their project.

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