Doctor Who is Not Afraid of Tablets in The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who

The world’s longest running science-fiction series, Doctor Who, celebrated its 50th birthday last weekend with a record-setting worldwide simulcast to 97 countries in 15 languages plus 3D cinema screenings of a special anniversary program.

While devotees of the show enjoyed an exciting 80-plus minutes of time-travelling action, trademark witty repartee and a pair of punch-the-air cameo appearances, fans of electronics were able to enjoy some screen-time for the so 21st-century device in the “The Day of the Doctor”.

Among the myriad subplots within “The Day of the Doctor,” the present incarnation of the sole surviving Time Lord from the fabled planet Gallifrey is called in by international military intelligence organization UNIT. The Doctor (for those not in the know, the series’ main character is never referred to as “Doctor Who” – just “The Doctor”) learns that subjects of 450-year-old paintings are coming to life.

As evidence, the UNIT brigadier presents the Doctor with a tablet showing the originals of the mysterious artworks. The identity of the tablet is a bit of a mystery, looking like a standard 7” black bezel device but with an odd-looking square of material removed near the top left-hand corner when held in portrait mode. Perhaps UNIT is putting its stash of recovered alien technology to work.

The case holding the Brigadier’s tablet is as bad-ass as the military force, though. A ribbed rugged tablet case which actually resembles Sontaran battle gear, we reckon this case is likely a Gumdrop Cases model - after all, these are military-tested to withstand punishment in environments up to an including a full-on Dalek invasion.

What’s next for the Doctor? A 13th actor, Peter Capaldi, is set to take on the lead role in an episode slated for airing on Christmas Day. While the Doctor has been known for employing a variety of wacky electronic devices, might the 2014 version of the time-travelling hero finally start porting a handy tablet? Maybe he could “borrow” the Brigadier’s for a tick...

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