Angry Alex Has Got a Thing for Tablet Rugged Cases

Angry Alex week 5

The winter is here and Angry Alex is not happy about having to put on his boots every morning. Unfortunately, tablet accessories makers continue to disappoint him with every new case. With the holiday season approaching fast, cases are being swept away from the shelves with the speed of light, but can quantity beat the quality, when it comes to protecting you tablet? Let’s find out…

The week has been all about the rugged tablet cases, probably because the pavements are getting slippery and most tablet owners can’t stay up on the legs. Making a tough case is not hard, but making sure it looks nice besides being durable and protective, is a task most case makers can’t handle it seems. Oakley really should’ve stuck to making eyewear, their B1B case may be tough and durable but it looks like a colander. Seriously.

Oakley B1B Oakley B1B case does shield the iPads from damage, but looks appallingly bad in the process

Next up on my list of accessories to hate is the NuGuard KX from NewerTech. Apart from failing to spell correctly, the maker takes the iPad Air and puts it into some kind of rubber glove. The hyped X-Orbing gel is supposed to shield the tablet from impact damage, and maybe it does, I don’t know, but surely the manufacturer could’ve liven the case up with some color at least.

NewerTech NuGuard KX NewerTech NuGuard KX safeguards the iPad Air from damage, but fails to keep up the good looks

Problems with spelling again, but the Ruggd from Tylt does look like a toughie. It shields the iPad Air with vulcanized copolymer, apparently used on spacecrafts, and there’s a hefty integrated stand to prop up the device at comfy angles. However, I’m not convinced by its UFO looks, which turn the aesthetically pleasing Apple design into something kindergarten kids play with.

Tylt Ruggd Extra durable protection for the iPad Air inside the Ruggd case from Tylt, coupled with UFO looks

The only case I liked this week is the APEX360 from Belkin. This iPad Mini rugged case not only offers all-round impact protection, but also delivers diverse functionality. There’s the rotating integrated stand capabiliites, the auto sleep/wake function, and the ability to take the cover off and transform the case into a tablet shell. Great job, Belkin!

Belkin APEX360 Belking APEX360 combines highly durable protection with great functional features

While everyone is searching for the best deal on techy gadgets in time for Christmas, Hammacher Schlemmer announces the first ever tablet featuring a 3D screen. The tablet won’t require glasses to enjoy the third dimension, and will retail for only $350 in the US. In other news, Apple has launched the iBeacon service in over 200 American stores. The service will communicate with Apple gadgets and supply users with information, maps, guides, and other useful stuff about the building they are in.

Hammacher Schlemmer 3D Tablet Hammacher Schlemmer 3D screen tablet will not require glasses

Apparently, tablets really are for everyone. A man dressed up as Santa Claus has been spotted in Tokyo sitting in the street next to what seems to be an iPad 4 propped up with a tablet stand case. It is yet to be revealed if he’s selling the tablet or waiting for kids to come and ask him for candy. On top of the iPad, Santa’s got an iPhone too and it looks like he’s checking out Facebook status of his faithful reindeers.

Santa iPad Case Tech-savvy Santa Claus has got an iPad, and is not afraid to use a tablet stand case in the street
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