3 Best Tablet Apps for Tracking Macros


Did you know tracking your calories isn’t the best way to live a healthy life? It’s true. While calorie counters are good to see how much you eat overall, there are better options out there. Tablet apps that help track your macronutrients such as protein, carbs and fats will give you a better overall view of your diet.


Making sure your body has the necessary fuel it needs will make you have more energy, feel less cranky and help reduce cravings. Want to track your overall nutrition? Check out 3 of the best tablet apps to track your macros.




Created by a fitness expert, MyMacros markets itself as a complete tracking solution. Set a nutrition goal and then input what you eat by choosing from more than 4 million options. Once input, food is broken down into macronutrients for each meal, and for the day as a whole. The total macros allowed for a day change as food is added, showing how many remain. Set different goals for workout and rest days and track your body weight to see your progress graphed. The app costs $2.99 and is available for iOS.



Fitocracy Macros


Fitocracy Macros is an app for those who want to track macros but not log food. An easy to read diagram shows daily calories as well as the total macros consumed for the day. Use the in app calculator to determine the amount of macros to eat and meet goals faster. Once you are given a daily allotted value input your macros for each meal. Be aware that because the app does not log food you need to know the total macros for everything you eat. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.





Nutritionist is a perfect app for newbies to the macro tracking game. Choose a goal like fat loss, muscle gain or rapid weight loss and get a plan tailored to you. Then receive a daily macros and calorie goal. Each day decide how active you plan to be and let Nutritionist adjust your carb intake accordingly. Get tips on how to portion control and watch as the app adjusts your goals to changes in body composition. The app costs $3.99 and is available for iOS and Android.



Don’t just track calories, track macros as well and work toward better overall health. Knowing how many fats, proteins and carbs you consume in a day, will show you a total picture of your diet. If you want to be truly healthy and not just at a happy weight, download one of these tablet apps and start tracking your macros now.

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