IPEVO PV-01 Apple iPad 2/3/4 Rotating Folio review


Loftily called in full the “IPEVO PV-01 360 Degrees Rotating Folio Case for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2: Portrait & Landscape Stand with Multiple View Angles with Strap,” the name tells you basically everything this case brings in a nice combination of tablet styles.

Editor's Rating 

The IPEVO 360 Degrees Rotating Folio Case seeks to combine features from a number of different popular styles, including folio cases, swiveling tablet stands and cases with handstraps . Happily, the PV-01 succeeds well in most of these areas.

Beyond the extras, first and foremost the PV-01 is a folio – in fact, the inner casing may be detached from the outer folio portion altogether for even more lightweight carrying. Purely as a folio, this case would be considered a bit lacking, with only one penholder and no pockets. The inside cover has three trenches to prop the iPad in portrait or landscape mode.

Though most touted for its 360° rotation on the currently trendy central pivot, it’s a bit difficult to imagine the practical applications of placing the tablet at, say, a 58° angle in landscape mode. No matter: What the pivot does provide is easy and convenient rotation to the more traditional 90° and 180° angles. In terms of material, the IPEVO Rotating Case is stitched together firmly and the fabric-lined interior does the job of protecting the screen well enough. The genuine leather is a bit of a disappointment and is clearly not high-grade stuff; also a bit worrisome is the small magnet controlling the on/off function , which doesn’t seem strong enough to last in the long term.


  • 2012 Golden Case Awards nominee for Best Stand in Folio
  • Portrait and landscape views
  • Good handstrap
  • Central pivot rotates 360°

      Overall: Amazing


      • Designed to fit the New iPad 3/4 and iPad 2
      • Canvas cover with genuine leather inner bezel
      • Unique circular pivot for both landscape and portrait orientations
      • Built-in stand with three viewing angles possible
      • Standalone case pulls apart from folio for even more portability
      • Smart sleep/wake function; convenient stylus strap


              Tablet Apple iPad 2,   Apple iPad 3,   Apple iPad 4
              Style Folio
              Brand Ipevo
              Function Travel
              Price Great Value $40-$79
              Dimensions -
              Exterior Material Fabric
              Closure Strap
              Features Button Cutouts, Port Cutouts , Speaker Grill, Screen Pivot, Sleep/Wake Cover, Stand Feature, Stylus Holder


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