Tuff-Luv Harris Tweed 10" Tablet Sleeve


If you like the look of classic, British-heritage style, then the Tuff-Luv Harris Tweed case is suited to be your best case scenario. This beautifully hand-woven tablet sleeve is made from the highest quality materials and designed in two different sizes for compatibility with a variety of tablets.

Editor's Rating 

Across the waters from Scotland lies a small barren island, "Harris". Over 150 years ago the local islanders created a unique tweed cloth, entirely woven by hand, that has become well known and sought after the world over as Harris Tweed!

Traditionally the local wool is washed and coloured with the dyes from local plants scraped from the rocks of the island, each plant yielding its own particular colour. The tweed, being the only fabric in the world to be protected by an act of parliament, was given its famous orb mark, and protected under the custodianship of the Harris Tweed Authority - which lays down strict guidelines for the manufacturing process.

Each cloth must be woven by hand in the homes of the islanders of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra. Every 50 yards is inspected and approved by the authority before it’s stamped with the orb mark.

            Overall: GREAT


            • 100% handmade in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, at Kenneth Mackenzie Mill
            • Beautful woven material available in several patterns
            • Genuine leather buckle-style lock
            • Plush fabric interior
            • Available in two sizes to fit a wide-range of tablets


                        Tablet 7'' Tablet, 10'' Tablet
                        Style Sleeve
                        Brand Tuff-Luv
                        Function Mens, Womens
                        Price Great Value $40-$79
                        Exterior Material Fabric
                        Closure Strap
                        Features Smart Cover Compatible


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