ZeroChroma Vario-SC Apple iPad 2/3/4 Shell w/ Rotating Stand review


Not satisfied with just the two angles you’re getting out of the Apple Smart Cover? ZeroChroma has created this compatible design enhancing your device’s media use even further. With or without a Smart Cover attachment, The Vario-SC back protector rotates 360° between landscape and portrait formats and supports 11 different angles for many purposes such as: reading, watching movies, gaming, typing, and surfing the net.

Editor's Rating 

The Vario-SC Theater Stand 360° by ZeroChroma is a smooth rubber tablet back protector with a rotating stand insert made of hard plastic. Created for the iPad 2 / New iPad, the rubber wraps the backside and extends to cover a portion of its bezel. This design creates a small lip around the edges, leaving the left side open for Smart Cover compatibility, and has holes that align perfectly to all of the device’s features/functions for easy access and use. On its own, this tablet stand case offers double function with table-mode and handle-mode, but I don’t recommend relying on the later because the stand is not very secure or comfortable to grip. Pairing it with the Apple Smart Cover offers triple function, giving you an additional lap-mode. Before operating the stand, the top of the disc (marked by the finger indentation) must be pointing toward the 12 o’clock position (marked by the Zerochroma engraving), or else you won’t be able to enjoy full use of its intended design. The box advertises 14 angles, but starting from and including the flat position, I counted 11 total angles, which is certainly more than enough options to enhance your device’s usability. The ‘T’ shaped kickstand is attached to the disc by a hinge, and to release it, simply place your index finger in the indentation and pull-up. It works kind of like a zipper, while sliding it up and down I could hear and feel it lock into each angle position. The same was true when rotating the disc between landscape and portrait formats, it clicks and locks into place with each quarter turn. My device easily collapsed when positioned in the most acute angles, but I don’t think you’d have much use for them anyway. The most important angles work very well, and the rubber material helps to ensure the stand remains stable on even the most slick and shiniest of surfaces.


  • 2012 Golden Case Awards nominee for Best Back Protector
  • Smart Cover compatible
  • Access to all iPad 2/iPad 3 features/functions
  • 11 angles for both landscape/portrait formats

            Overall: GOOD

            Zerochroma has created a very smart and easy-to-use tablet stand case. If this is exactly the type of case-style you are searching for, I think there are few other designs that can make you look past the Vario-SC Theater-Stand 360°.


            • Triple Function Case, lap modes, table modes and handle modes.
            • Synergizes with Smart Cover to protect and provide lap-modes in portrait and landscape.
            • 11-Angle Rotating Theater-Stand
            • Anti-Slip Rubber Stand
            • The slim, fold-flat stand hides itself within the case.
            • Rubberized case body for a secure, relaxed hold, and drop protection.


                          Tablet Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4
                          Style Shell
                          Brand ZeroChroma
                          Function -
                          Price Great Value $40-$79
                          Dimensions -
                          Exterior Material Polyurethane
                          Closure -
                          Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill,Screen Pivot ,Smart Cover Compatible ,Stand Feature.


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