Gone Studio Greensleeve iPad / 9” Tablet Envelope review


As though the wool material itself weren’t enough to make the Gone Studio Greensleeve case distinctive, the environment-conscious will absolutely love the care taken in manufacturing this “plastic-free computer case that you can feel good about.” Simply designed with all-natural materials, the Greensleeve tablet sleeve also does a decent job protecting the tablet from moisture, dust and the like.

Editor's Rating 

Made from 100% German sheep wool, the Greensleeve envelope case provides a nice soft cushy feel and the interior padding cushions the iPad (or like-sized 9" tablet) against minor damage well enough. Gone Studio also touts the small bit of cork used to protect the interior against the closing fastener. The lightweight wool material provides some nice natural resistance to moisture and dust, though to clean the Greensleeve, you’ll need to spot-clean with a proper detergent – the Greensleeve cannot be fully saturated. Also nice to note is the one-year full-replacement warranty on the Greensleeve. If it suffers any serious damage at all, simply send it to Gone Studio for a new one. But let’s get back to that primary selling point, namely the Greensleeve’s environment-friendly aspects. Sure, the 100% synthetic-free makeup is important, but would you believe that these tablet sleeves are made without electricity? Would you believe it’s all made in the USA under fair trade practices? Would you believe this is the most environment-conscious product on the tablet cases market? Actually, that last question is easily answered “yes.” Those thinking Earth first will accept no substitutes for the Gone Studio Greensleeve tablet case.


  • Eco-friendly, synthetic-free
  • High-quality wool materials
  • Simple envelope design

            Overall: GOOD

            One more time: The Greensleeve is all about eco-friendliness. In achieving this goal, Gone Studio has actually produced a nice envelope case for any iPad and a 10-11” tablet as well – quite a coup for the company then, and not at all a bad selection for any user.


            • Fits any generation Apple iPad or 9" tablet
            • Also a good fit for Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 or Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9
            • Eco-friendly case made from pure imported sheep's wool
            • Made with no waste and no electricity, using only hand- and foot-powered tools.
            • Naturally water- and stain-resistant
            • Fits all models of iPad, even when they’re encased in Smart Covers.
            • Easy-open metal snap holds iPad securely
            • iPad's headphone jack fully accessible


                          Tablet 9'' Tablet
                          Style Envelope, Sleeve
                          Brand Gone Studio
                          Function -
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Dimensions -
                          Exterior Material Eco-Friendly, Felt


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