Paul Frank Themed Apple iPad / 10" Tablet Sleeve w/ Handles


Fans of Paul Frank designs and/or funny monkeys are surely already sold on this 10” tablet case with handles. For just a few dollars more than the10” no-frills tablet sleeve of similar design, Apple iPad and other 10” tablet users can enjoy a quality lightweight carrier with tough handles, a big extra pocket for accessories and that distinctive look.

Editor's Rating 

Beyond the line of children’s books, Paul Frank Industries have been cranking out a number of quality tablet cases. For this 10” tablet case, the Frank folks monkeyed around with their basic 10” sleeve design just enough to satisfy users of the iPad and like-sized tablets. While keeping the nice soft exterior (and of course that one-of-a-kind animal mascot) of the sleeve, some nice heavy-duty handles have been added as well as an extremely useful zippered exterior pocket. Though the Paul Frank-themed 10” tablet case offers decent defense against moisture and protects the device’s screen with a scratch-resistant lining, the user should take note that this bag won’t protect the tablet from extreme accidents and drops. On the other hand, it won’t fall apart, either. The zipper is very high-quality, the interior seams are tough and the handles feel strong while staying admirably lightweight. All in all, the Paul Frank-themed 10” tablet case with handles may just make a monkey out of users – and that’s a good thing.


  • Water resistant exterior
  • Soft plush inner lining
  • Strong zippers
  • Pocket for accessories

            Overall: GOOD

            Owners of the iPad and other 10” tablet PCs, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, who are Paul Frank fans need look no further for their best-case scenario. In general, for kids and travelers, this is a great (and fun) lightweight solution for toting around the tablet.


            • Fits any generation Apple iPad tablet
            • Compatible with most 10" tablets
            • Smart Cover compatible
            • Water resistant neoprene exterior
            • Soft plush inner lining
            • Dual zippers with Paul Frank branded rubber caps by YKK
            • Also fits Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Motorola Xoom, Motorola Xoom 2


                          Tablet 9'' Tablet, 10'' Tablet
                          Style Sleeve
                          Brand Paul Frank
                          Function Themed
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Dimensions 10.8 x 1.2 x 8.5 in (WDH)
                          Exterior Material Neoprene
                          Closure Zipper
                          Features Handles ,Pockets ,Smart Cover Compatible.